Great to be here!

Heyya! I’m new to the community so please be gentle :sweat_smile: I’m Veck, and I’ve been gaming since the first chance that I could in life, starting with the SEGA console. Street Fighter & RoboCop were definitely my favourites growing up! So what attracted me to WeMod at first were the cheats for Dying Light - it even inspired me to purchase the season pass! :yum:

Feel free to add my STEAM

Hope to see ya all around and happy gaming!


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Welcome to the community.

And thank you for supporting WeMod’s development by going Pro. :slight_smile:

It was also SEGA that got me into gaming as well.
SEGA buddies! :fist_right: :boom: :fist_left:

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Cheers for the welcome guys! Seen nothing but good at WeMod! Dying Light Trainer got updated so you’ll be seeing a lot out of me :joy: