Greates app ive seen for math!

So I just found out about this math app that basically makes it so you can hover over the problem and it does it for you and shows you the steps ive been using it on my ipad and OMG its so useful!!!

So if youre having issues with math this is the app to go not sure if it can do insane problems though havent tried that out yet but highschool math should be no problem.

heres the site

It only works with like middle school math and below. It is a good idea but needs major improvement.

I saw this on Gizmodo and it looks pretty cool

Like Chris said, it can only do basic math questions. I ended up writing down 2x2 to see if the app even worked, lol.

Would love to see a decent app that can solve;

  • Fraction
  • Algebra
  • Equation
  • Volume

Although, an alright solution for kindergarten, hehe>.<

Yea I heard there still making improvement id be neat if they could make it solve almost anything and there trying to put the function so it can solve problems written down as atm it can only solve problems in books or printed on paper.

This could be amazing… needs work…