Greeting to All Guys!

Greating to all guys. I am 36 years old and I can say that I love video games in general FPS, RTS, RPG and others. I love Anime and SoftAir. I am happy to participate in this community !!!
Thanks to everyone and all the WeMod staff !!! Regards


Hi welcome to wemod. Glad you found us finally ! Nice place we have here lots of help and friendly people. Any questions or comments just post !
Ya age is only a number I’m 52 and still play almost every day. FPS are my main games

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Sweet, another RPG and RTS fan. Welcome to the community. :smiley:

You got a favourite RTS and RPG game?

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Welcome to WeMod, fellow weeb. Nice to see someone else who’s into anime as well as RPG games. I’m into almost every genre of game (anime too) myself, but especially RPGs and FPSs.