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Greetings all … I downloaded WeMod out of frustration with “Little Nightmares 2” on Steam. The game includes a section that the developers clearly never tested using a keyboard and mouse; it requires movement that’s simply not possible without a game controller.

I tried WeMod - and the interface provided an impressive list of cheats. However - I’ve no idea whether the software works with the current version of the game, because every last one of the cheat controls is “Pro Only.” I would have to pay up front - and then learn whether or not it works with the one game for which I need it.

Thoughts on this? Any way I can determine whether or not at least one of the cheat controls works before paying?

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None of the trainers at WeMod require Pro to use.
If you are not a Pro member, you need to activate cheats using the keyboard hotkeys listed on the far-right of the cheat. This information is easily found in the community or support website using the search tool.

Additional methods of activating cheats, such as clicking them (handy when cheats have drop-down boxes to select items from), using the remote app or using the game bar overlay will require a Pro subscription.
These features are some of the few ways we say thanks to Pro members for keeping WeMod alive and able to pay the costs of making and maintaining the trainers, software and community (which isn’t cheap by a long shot). Pro users also have more control over which trainers get made or updated as a priority.

Also, if a trainer was incompatible with your game version, it would say so in the trainer itself on the right-hand side.

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Many thanks for the reply - This worked like a charm!

Given that my need for this cheat (and cheats in general) was a one-off, I’m not sure that a subscription is justified. However, is there a mechanism that would allow me to send a one-time contribution to the effort? It was thanks to the Wemod developers that I was able to get past this one section of the game, and while I plan to disable cheats for the rest of the game (assuming I don’t encounter another controller-only section), I would like to send Wemod a contribution for their efforts.

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