Grid 2 modding tool

Hello Devs and team of Horizon,
This is a modding tool that I would like to see come to Horizon in a future update :thumbsup:.

What this tool will do is: Let you mod your garage and let you have all the cars unlocked offline and online, Let you mod for how much XP you would like to have after playing a few race’s, Let you mod how many fan’s you are able to have offline and online, and it would also let you mod for how much cash you can have online as well.

If I am forgetting anything, just let me know and I will add anything else that I need to in this post :smile:.

Would be easier to request it this way.

I have tried to up load my save for the Dev’s to look at it. But I do not know how to upload them to the thread that I have created? Please help with that would be appreciated :smile:.

  1. If you go to
  2. Select your save(s) and press upload.
  3. Once it’s uploaded copy and paste the corresponding link.
  4. Post the link(s) in the Horizon suggestions as stated by me before and follow on from there.

Game title: Grid 2
Game I.D.: 434D0844

Mod’s that I would like/want to see for this game: Ability to unlock all the track’s in career mode, unlock all car’s in career mode and online mode, max out your XP in career mode and online mode, max your level cap on online mode, max your follower cap in career mode, on certain races like time attack and check point: to be able to have the lowest times in time attack and have the best times in check point races, ability to unlock hidden cars if there are any to unlock in career as well as online mode.
First I will be uploading my profile:!PQ9yUR5C!OmIvGBQjo4UrgatKoSizbmaUZQc0IvjKKuqTb4ogxuI
Note: I have already beaten career mode. If that does help any. I have all the cars unlocked in career as well as all the track’s. On the online portion: I am at level 6 going to be level 7 shortly, I have fewer than 15 cars and close to 50K in credits. Also, I have all of the DLC cars and pack’s purchased that are available at this time.

Next I will upload the “CON” files I believe the dev’s are looking for.




As said before above. On the online mode, you have currency. I would like to see a mod be done for that so you can have all 9’s in credit’s so that you can buy all of the car’s, upgrades for the car’s, as well as maxing the level cap so that you can unlock and buy the car’s that you would like to purchase. If at all possible, could you please include in this mod tool if it is made, a modifier that boost’s the cars performance so that you can win races, have lower times in time attack and check point races? It would also be very interesting to see if this could be done as a mod: be able to unlock all future DLC cars and tracks that will be available for future use.

Okay, I think I pretty much covered it with the help of a few people :smiley:. Many thanks for that :smile:. Will be looking forward to hearing something back soon if anything happens :smile:.

If anyone would like to look at what I have posted and comment on it, feel free :smile:

I just wonder how log it takes to make a mod tool: i.e. for Grid 2?

This isn’t possible because the information needed to mod ONLINE cash/cars/level etc, is stored on servers.

It also makes no sense to have anything unlocked offline because you unlock all the cars at the end of the game…

you can mod for cash and cars in forza horizon and you still have to play on a server to be able to play online correct? so, how is that not possible? you still have your save data for all the cars, money, leveling up, tuning, etc as a save on your system. the only part that is server based is the game play with other players. yes you do earn credits for racing online but, that is still stored on your save to be played at a later time. and why does it not make sense to mod stuff on your profile in single player? you can either earn stuff legit or mod for it and have all of the best cars before hand to beat out your rivals that you race against. and even though you are using online servers to play a game, you can still mod for cash because you are also creating a game save for online play as well as single player modes.

You obviously don’t know much. On Forza Horizon you use your cars from SINGLE PLAYER. When you go online the data is being borrowed from you SP save. On GRID 2 you DO NOT use SP cars… All the cash you earn is saved server side. As for the latter, it doesn’t make sense to “mod” single player because you CAN NOT use any car in any race, you are limited to a certain level of car.

Then how come you can mod online stat’s on halo 4 and still be able to use that modded online piece then?

What? Grid 2 can be modded. The same process is used with DiRT games, which we have tools for. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean its stored to servers. It’s more or less if there’s a server check if I’m not mistaking.

I’m sure cash and **** is moddable for single player.
Just needs a little looking into.

Thank you Cody for the wise knowledge that you posses :smile:. And a thumbs up to you :smiley:

There isn’t cash in Single player.
As for MP I stand by my word that its either never going to happen or it’s going to take far too long.

And the tools for the Dirt Games seem to be Single Player only. It’s also worth mentioning that there isn’t a mod tool for the original GRID (at least to my knowledge, iv’e had the game for years and have never found one).

If you want a single player save that has modded fans, go look on 360haven. They have one there.

there has to be some portion that is saved for online play on your profile. how would you mod halo 4 game modes then? that is an online bit.

Please help with that would be appreciated .

you are also creating a game save for online play as well as single player modes.

so, if you are creating a game save for online as well as a game save for single player as well, you should be able to mod both if I am not mistaken?

i usually wonder how long it can take for a new mod tool to come out? does anyone have an idea of how long it can take to make one since grid 2 has 2 parts to it?

This thread has been awfully quiet :/. Just seeing if any progress has been made?