Grounded Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@MrAntiFun - Can you please add a mod where it makes gold cards drop at a higher rate? Please and thank you for everything.

@xBadOmenS94x - What I was able to do was, activate and deactivate ‘easy craft’. Open craft then place it down, then enable it and build it. Just do no open Craft Menu, while you have ‘easy craft’ enabled.

but good to point out to fix, but in the mean time you can use like this.

Confirmed this is happening to me as well, once the lil Tully robot is around get regular CTDs

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same here, once the lil tully is following around its unable to use easy craft

how about items like bricks?

So… we’re really not fixing this?

Easy Craft cause CDT’s to me every time I pick up a tape as well, way before getting lil Tully

needs a code for trinkets to get all

Hello, I’ve been playing this game since last year, and got excited when I saw a WeMod for this game after trying it on Smalland. Unfortunately, it appears Update 1.3.5 broke this thing, because now, every time I attempt to craft with WeMod activated, the game crashes. Even when I try to use the ovens, griders, and smoothie maker, they still take materials out of my storage that I gathered in the game, rather than providing an infinite amount in some areas.

Can you help?

for me easy craft causes a crash anytime i am near wendell or try to pick up one of the data chips/manilla folders sucks cause i hate that trek for mats to get into the castle and i dont wanna start a whole new game hopefully they can find a fix

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Same with me. That annoying S.O.B. is causing me to lose my mind!!!