Group Folders?

Hello, was just wanting to add an idea. I hope that I am doing this correctly.

I was thinking that, much like Discord has Folders you can personalize for different types of groups, from Paranormal Podcasts to whatever you fancy.

But instead of groups (obviously) it could customized into personal categories. Survival, Horror, Otome, Adult, FPS, Battle Royal, MMO, Medieval, on and on and on.

Just a thought, hope some find this useful. If it is already in the works I totally missed it and please delete the post or w/e since it would just be a waste of space. I was just looking at my Steam categories and when I started WeMod up and read up all the updates, (VERY COOL BTW!), I started thinking how nice it would be to think like, ‘Hmm, I wanna play an old west/zombie game’ or w/e.

I hope this makes sense and doesn’t annoy anyone. (I do not start topics lol :biting_lip:)