GTA 4 Mods via USB?

Is there a possibility to do some online gta 4 mods via usb?:help:
Thanks for help. :thumbsup:

The only kind of online mods I know for GTA are single player mods. (You being signed into XBL and single player GTA) Even then you can only mod ammo, health and armour.
I don’t think there are any proper online mods.

No Offline Only ie gamesave mods. online is for iso mods only. usb wont work not possible.i am currently modding online on Tbogt got the back too the future golf cart lol

thats bad :confused: i just thought there could be some but thanks :thumbsup:

whats the back to the future golf cart mod? TuT please :smile:
Can u show me a vid or smth?
Sounds cool.:lol:

its just one of the “cars” that can fly u can set which ever ones to fly or drive fast like have two wheel or allwheel how fast u go 0-60 in or 0-350 in lol. if u really want to have fun modding gta u should do it on the pc version the xbox is fun but u can do alot more on the pc as always.

sounds pretty awesome :laughing:
can u give me a Tutorial on how to do this? because i have the Ballad of Gay Tony Add-On and these mod seems to be very funny :thumbsup:

I’m pretty sure that’s for ISO. You would need a flashed xbox or be able to hot-swap.
Jus’ sayin’. :wink:

u have to have liberty city stories and yes u must iso mod it google gta iso mods there are tons of videos of them as well as tuts on how to do it on ur own its very easy

ok just thought this mods could be non-iso mods but thanks. :confused:

also M$ banned Chuck Norris off XBL which just led too Chuck roundhouse kicking M$ off the Internet.

Not on an online match.

With a USB You can mod A Offline Game of GTA4 OR BALLED OR GAY Tony