Gta 5 collector edtion

Does anyone know a way to get the collector’s edtions dlc for free or a way to get it

Since the Collector’s Edition DLC content is not DRM free it’s not possible unless you have a Jtag or RGH modified Xbox 360. Sorry.

If you know of anyone with the content then you could license transfer, but that obviously requires you to recover their Xbox LIVE account which a lot of people are skeptical in doing so; for obvious reasons.


  • Once you license transfer from them they must wait three months until they are able to licenses transfer again. (That may not be important to some, but I have seen people allow others to license transfer certain content, their Xbox decides it’s time for an upgrade, then they can’t transfer over their content to the new console because they allowed a friend to get some content off of them.)

If you do find or know of someone with the content that isn’t cool with letting you recover their account and license transfer the content then the least they could do is drop the hammer for you. Granted, it isn’t as cool as the desert eagle or the Hotknife, obviously, but at least it’s something that not many people have in their weapon inventory.

Best of luck!

Now ya back in the day they had a DNS code for all that free collector edition but find a friend who has it and license transfer best way to do it

If you’re on 360 pm your gamer tag and I’ll drop a hammer for ya. And spawn a hearse if you so choose.

I don’t think they can keep the hammer even if they pick it up

I think they can. It’s the only one that will stay as far as I know. I’ve dropped it for people before.

Wat is a hammer?

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It won’t work because it’s not DRM free. You can’t download again if you haven’t bought it in the first place, having it on the storage device already like you’re saying won’t change that.

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Let me license transfer off you and I’ll give collectors edition and special edition content only if you got good stuff