GTA 5 Heist

We need one person to do the prison break heist…

I can’t even connect to servers right now…

We’re able to connect to the servers if we go through an invite-only session.

I just tried and it instantly said services are unavailable

Still ain’t working for you?


wow that is crazy you would have thought they would have made the severs better knowing how many people would be on…

Same, I’ve been trying for the past few and have given up on trying the heists today.

I read about some people having access to heist a full day before the update went live so I’m assuming Rockstar allowed certain areas to do so to ease the traffic, but, as we see, the game/servers are still being flooded with people trying to connect.

…with time we’ll all be able to connect and enjoy the highly anticipated missions!

I read that too who ever got it a full day before the update was so lucky. I hope with time they can fix there severs or upgrade them.

I am finishing the update I will be on shortly if you are still playing.

I will be on later just waiting for 1 of my friends to get home.

I need one for this mission if anyone is down. Just post your gt

Need 2 people am oon Humane Raid EMP

Looking for 2 people

I’ll play. CCW wheels.

Now we need one more

Am on the last heist i need two players

Brah, if you wanna wait I might be buying another Xbox One tonight

Ight well if you buy one hit me up bro.

I can pay for heists too. Got $800 mill.

Ight just let me know if you get one. My friend and i can help you beat them too.

Yo, I gotta download GTA and that ****s huge so probs can’t play till tomorrow or later.

But I scored a Xbox One with Kinect, 2 Controllers, 1 Play and Charge kit, 1 Stereo headset for $300! Gunna sell that Kinect and Headset though.