GTA 5: Leaked video shows first-person gameplay in action

[/img]It’s terrible quality, but this video shows the first-person mode of GTA 5 on PS4 in action.

According to the GTA Forums, someone streamed gameplay of the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V on Twitch last night, but it was quickly hit by Take-Two.

Since then, various versions of the gameplay have been taken off Youtube, so we’re not sure how long this will stay up.

The footage shows a store robbery and a getaway, including a quick look at the interior of a car. Like we said, the stream is awful quality, but you get a good idea of first-person mode. Watch it now.


Looks pretty cool in my opinion!

Anyone know where I can get the video? Missed it :confused:

R* has taken it down from most of the major video sources, but they can take it down 500,000 places and it’ll pop up 1 million more places. You can probably find it on some rinky-**** site, but do not post it anywhere major. R*'s legal team will strike you down with the force of a million men, just kidding. But, seriously, don’t post it anywhere major like Youtube, Facebook, and such.

I would like to see this as well

edit: there’s a few people live streaming it now on PS4

Just click on the source link where it came from and watch it there