GTA 5 Lowriders event this weekend offers new hats, 25% off properties

[/img]GTA 5’s getting a Lowriders event this weekend, celebrating the launch of the DLC earlier this week. It starts today and ends Sunday.

Three new caps are going to be made available, and you’ll have to log-on every day of the event to buy them all. You’ll be able to buy the Magnetics cap today, the Low Santos cap tomorrow, and the Benny’s Original Motor Works cap on Sunday.

In addition, Rockstar’s offering a 25% rebate on buying a new property this weekend. The ability to own four properties was added this week, so here’s your chance to grow your empire for a little less cash. You’ll need to have your email address registered and verified with the Rockstar Games Social Club, be a member of the Rockstar Games Mailing List and a member of at least one Social Club Crew to qualify for the rebate.

The three new Adversary modes (Offense Defense, Keep The Pace and Relay) have been added to playlists as an Event. Just hit the button during log-in and you’ll be automatically inserted into a random list. If you complete the full set of jobs you’ll receive “a huge ammo cache reward” on top of the usual RP and cash.