GTA 5 Online

I believe this community could make a GTA 5 Online cheat. There are already many made just not any published on horizon. I think this should be free for the community because not as many people play GTA 5 anymore and cheats are more fun free than with expense and you’ll get more business with free GTA stuff rather than paid GTA stuff.:wink:


You need to be getting yourself a Jtag / RGH console and then you can cheat as much as your little heart desires, just have to ask but, If you are saying not as many people play GTA 5 anymore then how will this increase business to this site besides the fact that you want it (cheat) to be for free?
There is another gaming community which shall remain nameless that has members that are only to happy to take your hard earned coin but I’m sure you will find it a little bit different here. You only pay for Diamond and you get what you pay for and then some. There is always someone to offer a helping hand without a cost involved.

Not possible without a RGH/JTAG, sorry.

all saved server side for online, so not going to happen on retail consoles.