GTA 5 Suggestion

would it be possable to ad a hotkey to teleport to where ever you are look it at ? like a teleport to crosshair kind of thing ?

i get this but how would the trainer tell the game where to stop?
I mean I like the idea

We can calculate the direction and point of aim, but like Hawk suggested, it’s hard to determine the distance. For example, if you point up at the sky, would you teleport a 100 feet or a 1000 feet? It’d be hard to make an implementation that accounts for all possibilities but we could let the user set the distance they want to move in the remote if that works for you?

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might be best idea have a preset distance that the person chooses

couldn’t you tell it to stop on a solid surface ? and make it so that it needs a solid surface to be able to tp so you dont go miles into the sky’s boarder ?

I’m sure if the devs wanted to spend the next 3 years reversing the entire game engine they could. But lets say someone wants to hit the height cap then how do we solve that problem? The easiest thing is let people set the distance and play around with it.

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