GTA IV Game Save Set!

This set comes with game save the leave off at certain Achievements

This has The Regular GTA , Lost & Damned , TBoGT ( The Ballad of Gay Tony )

The file is the name of the achievement your about to get.

Example: Click a folder called “Dare Devil” ( Complete all of the jumps in the game ) when you put on the game save you only have to do 1 Jump ( the last jump ) Also read the Notepad thats in the folder to see how you do it.

1.To insert the Game save Get your Main one and the Save you want.
2.Drag them into Horizon to switch the ID’s with yours.
3.Replace your Game save with the new one.

There you go and Read the Notepad to see what you have to do , to get it.

( This is a lot safer then modding the Gamerscore. )

Download the GameSave Set Here.

If theres any problems please contact me.

Hope you enjoy it.



nice and useful thread im gonna hook up some gamerscore with this

nice i will try this


I’m Glad To Be Back On The Site And I’m Sure You Are Too.

thanks Jabroni :smile:

Downloaded it and tried it!

its a beast save but the one i have is also beast.

hard to choose lawl >.<

Can someone please upload it to rapidshare or some other upload place as Mega is blocked where I am. Thanks

Great job with this post.

I will be adding this gamesave onto my account once I get Horizon working for me again.

Also, is this a 100% not guaranteed ban this way or is there still a small chance?

Sorry for the hugebump but can someone re-upload this if they still have it?

We need things like this for all game, I love achievement game save sets. I sold GTA4 but good thread

Great forum, I like to solve many problems

thanks for this

been looking for something like this for ages lol:lol::slight_smile:

this website wont work!!!

The link does not work

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