GTA IV .gpd Mods?

I was wondering if there was a .gpd that could give you max rank in GTA IV. I did a small test with my profile which was a lvl 2 and new gold account and switched the gpds and it worked. So is there anyway to make a gpd level 10?

I didn’t know GTA saved data to the GPD. Could you upload the one you used?

i thought GTA was all ISO / Jtag

no there are some mods you can download from modio that actually work.

Heres the link just inject and you should be level 2 in gta iv. It worked for me.


dont ever say that satan program’s name again… and also its ISO

I’ve extracted the data but do you have any specific values like XP, score, kills etc?.. (I don’t play GTA online)

ill try it right now

I am not quite sure sorry all i did was enject my profle, and i went to change my characters clothes and in the top left corner there is a star with a 2 and instead of 6 items of clothing there is 8. :smile:

Aw so there isn’t a stat screen or anything? It’s hard to mod the rank without knowing the specific xp/score :confused:

I’ll check for you now:s I think there is a stat’s screen

i will try to find the stat screen its maybe on
Edit on there is only campaign stats not actual online stats

If you get this working please Post a Tut.

=\ i cant get stat’s cause i havent played online. but max level is 10. the guy has 33135042 xp O.o

dont know what that is but i saw like 9’s and 3’s

Will do. If this works i think it could be my first mod found (with a lot of help from XMB members). But i wont take all credit because i dont know alot about gpd editing.

edit Ive been thinking and maybe i will go play a online game and see how much money i have from that. Then that would be part of stats because money determines your rank(i think)

it would be nice to have iso mods with a .gpd :3 but that prob never happen.

Wow, everyone is coming close to getting this to Happen, am getting so excited.


Ok i found the scores and stats for the gpd. Global Rank 392430, Score(Money) 35191, Average Score 1599, Games Played 19,Games Won 6.I think though the stats are there server and the rank is through gpd. Because i found these on my orginal level 2 instead of modded level 2. Let me play a game and try to figure it out.