GTA IV Mod tutorial - Hotswap/ISO (TBoGT)

Hey XMB, This tutorial will show you how to make a Modded Disk of GTA TBoGT.

You will need to hotswap, or at least have a flashed Xbox 360.

i know its really asking for alot but can anyone send me a copy of this disc modded i cant do it on any computer i have idk how i can pay

Nice, this tut is very good and works. I already Modded it but this is very accurate

I followed this exactly but got a Black screen when I loaded it? any ideas?

Clear your cache…

[b]try making a written tutorial, That always helps me :smile:

the video is helpful though.

and hotswapping without opening your xbox is patched, right?[/b]

Never worked with modded disks.

nice vid… ill try it out soon :smiley:

i would like to do this and i was wondering what type of disc i need and how big?

Verbatim Dual Layer im pretty sure size is like 8.5gb

holly sh-it guys talk about bumping old threads someone close this

Verbatim Dual Layer 8x DVD+R DL is what you search for, write the file at a burn speed of 2.4x. I was told this but i’m not exactly why or how it is like this.

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