GTA IV Mods online with a usb?

Are you still able to mod gta iv with usb online? :interrobang::help:

Not possible, I wish…

No iso mods only

ISO mod only bro but you could mod story mode with horizon and that make it more funny or easy for some people :smiley:

My friend told me you could still do script mods off a usb a while back. :anguished:

yeah iso mods only now :anguished:

You need to have a modded iso and have either a flashed xbox or a hot swapable xbox

Somewhere on TTG I think I saw you could do basic USB mods online, I’m not positive so don’t hold me to that.

I do know for a fact that ISO works perfectly fine, that’s what I use. :smile:

Hey i know exactly what you are talking about it has since been patched and it was only ever for GTA IV original. It worked the same way as the TU11 zombies mods for BO1 did with 2 profiles and you edited the save game and use the second one to activate it. The mods were only available if you were the host and stated you own game. An you lost them when you left the game you had to redo the whole save process again…hope this helps clear up your questions.

t more funny or easy for some people

yeah iso mods only now