Gta mod menu

Someone have a gta v online mod menu and if you have it pls can you explain how to put it on my usb

You need a modified console to run a mod menu for GTA V


like the Lt 3.0 RHG Jtag etc?

Yes you need a JTag or RGH to do it.

i have a Lt 3.0 and i saw some videos of people with Lt 3.0 and the mod menu

Then you need to look into ISO modding. More than likely the files are copyrighted thought and not allowed to be posted here.

ok thanks

Is their anyone out their that can give me a recovery for gta 5 so I can mod

Hey Chris

Then how to get JTag or RGH to do it?

your wrote here 1 year later…
To get JTag or RGH buy a console that has it or do it yourself

Buy one.