GTA Online Census

About 6 hours ago, on the Rockstar Newswire, a census for GTA Online was posted. It shows all of the stats and numbers that we as the GTA V community achieved. It is a sort of homage to Current-Gen, since Next-Gen’s release is almost eminent. In about a week’s time we will get the experience the new and improved Los Santos and Blaine County. I can’t wait. How about you guys. Even though most of the numbers aren’t true because of the DNS pandemic about a year ago, it still goes to show what we as a community can do together.

I thought that this stuff was kind of cool.

Haha, where’s the money?

Nice, man. Can’t wait until I get my hands on an Xbone as well.

Just save as much money as you can, and with time you can buy it. I recommend getting it before January since until then the price is dropped $50. It may not seem like much when tax comes into play, but it’s $50 you’ll be saving.

Ho-ho, not gonna happen. I gotta get my hands on the MCC as soon as possible (even though it’s basically dysfunctional at the moment).

Ya i find it kind of funny now does this count with all the DNS money spending and car dup money …cause most of my friends even after the cash wipe and level reset they are STILL grinding for cash and most are flat broke lol

You save even more after tax comes into play, after the $50 drop in price. Here in CT that saves me $53.18 exactly. I’ll get One, eventually. But for now 360 is still good enough for me.