GTA Online Heists coming to all platforms “soon” says Rockstar

[/img]The long awaited, often delayed Heist missions are coming to GTA Online “soon” according to Rockstar Games.

The tiny quote comes from IGN’s latest look at the online portion of the game, and gives some hope to those worried that the highly-anticipated multiplayer missions had gone completely AWOL.

Rockstar had originally promised Heists this spring, but it has since delayed any updates for more development time.

Since then there have been multiple leaks and rumours regarding Heist missions and payouts for players, but no rock-solid details from the developer.

Now as the launch of GTA 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC looms, the question had been whether Heists will be available to everyone – including those with the last-gen versions of the game – or whether they would be limited to the new-gen systems.

The latest from IGN suggests that all consoles will be getting the promised update.


Too little too late unfortunately. They backed up heists for far too long and now everyone is gonna be busy playing other games to care about something that was suppose to be a day one feature.

Master Chef collection :thumbsup:

(yes i spelled chief wrong)

It’s gonna be a tie between that and Destiny, Rockstar done goof’d.

Honestly, and I’m not saying this to say you’re incorrect, I’m sure people will venture back onto GTA:V to experience the Heists once released, even though they’ve moved onto other games. But, if the Heists release and they aren’t what everyone was expecting them to be and just a huge letdown than I’m sure Rockstar is going to hear it!

Personally, I’d be very nervous if I was apart of Rockstar! I mean if they had released Heists when GTA: Online went live than they could have pinned the blame of Heists being horrible on the fact that the servers or game in general was just having problems, but, like the article said, with them pushing Heists back multiple times and fixing a lot of other stuff within the game they are just making the Heists more desirable/setting the bar high!

Until I see a banner regarding Heists on the Dashboard or an article straight from Rockstar themselves stating that Heists are available, I’m not standing by this whole “they’ll be released soon” crap because we’ve been led down that road before.

soon” doesn’t really state a timescale of when this is gonna occur…pretty sure they said the samething over 6 months ago.
ive lost all forms of respect for rockstar after failing to deliver since launch.
dont get me wrong i believe most people will start playing again when they are released but they better hurry in doing so especially since the release of Destiny and AW.
but me personally its going to take more than this apparent Heists update to put GTA back in my disc tray.

Lmao I don’t care about heists I’m still gonna buy it. I play to play with friends, heists will be something that will be over played and have been hyped up way too much. That’s not Rockstar’s fault, they gave limited information, everyone’s speculation to what will be within heists increased the hype for it.

Heists won’t lose them money, if anything it’ll earn them extra for the anticipation for such an in-depth game mode (let’s hope)

In a few weeks everyone who has next gen and had last gen GTA V will be playing, and hypocrisy will overtake. The comments on a lot of threads will die and nothing will ever be good enough.

They’ll release heists and if they don’t live up to making the best gamemode ever invented then they’ve obviously failed right?

It’s a game, it’s a free DLC, don’t complain about free ****.

I fail to see where people complained just saying.

Even if heists are released, I don’t think I would go back just to play them. I already have millions upon millions of dollars. I doubt they would payout like they do in story mode, everything would be too easy to acquire.

Just throwing it out there because I’m unsure who you’re referring to, I wasn’t complaining; I’ll be one to get on GTA:V when Heists release!

Eh, that’s your choice, obviously.

Personally, like I said to Jay, I’ll be one of the many players that goes from what ever game their currently consumed with and venture back to GTA: Online…I’ve been anxious to see Heists from Rockstar since the beginning and so having millions isn’t going to stop me from experiencing the Heists; even if the payout isn’t similar to that of the Heists in the story!

Soon is a relative term. The year 2020 is coming up soon. My birthday is soon and that’s in February. Either way, I got Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, The Master Chief Collection, and possibly Advanced Warfare If I really want to get it. Sorry Rockstar, you lost me to your competition.