GTA Online Heists: your first look at armed robbery – video

[/img]Here’s the first official look at an armed robbery in GTA Online Heists.

Heists, designed as 4-player co-op online missions, releases for GTA 5 tomorrow as a free download.

The DLC weighs in a 4.8GB and includes five new Heists (each with multiple missions) as well as the start of daily objectives and other side missions.

There’s a tonne of new vehicles coming, including some pretty deadly military choppers and jets, new outfits, a flare gun, and all sort of cool gear.


I wonder what time the DLC will be released???

Most likely tomorrow, because Rockstar did say that the official release date was March 10th.

ok…soooooooooooooo BIG question here is…how much is this 1 year delay gonna be or is R* gonna make it free or they gonna make us pay for something that should have been out like 70 years ago

Free, Every dlc for the most part is going to be free. With the shark cards making a killing they are getting the money they like so everything is free.

wow many broke people really buying shark cards lol…well i cant complain i played a MMO and payer $13.00 a month lol

Update is out now :smiley:

Not for me :confused:

Restart your Xbox One and start GTA V

Still on 360 lol, no update yet.

I’ll stream for those who are interested :stuck_out_tongue:

cool jumping over to X1 hope it’s the DLC but knowing where i’m at (east coast) we not gonna get it till like 4:00am

just logged into my X1 and getting a 4.8gb update and yes this is Heist DLC just checked the Achievement list while i still downloading

Wondering what time exactly the update will be released. It’s almost 3am EST for me so i might try then if not then i guess later at 6am. Let’s hope this is as good as they’ve made it.

ya right now i just hopeing this is part of the DLC cause as of right now besides the missions’s and such…they didn’t add much…no new sports cars 1-2 normal cars no boats or jets (may need to do heist to unlock) no guns besides Flair gun some cloths not alot (sad) some mask no tattoo’s no hair styles…also servers are kind of laggy

I’m eastcoast and I had it since 11:30PM of yesterday lol

West coast and I still don’t got it. This sucks lol

Yea, when is the update for the Xbox 360 come out?

I need this game on xbox one still sadly. Gonna check 360 tho.

I have it now! (360). And its 11:30 am for me btw.