GTA:SA retail edition/V1 not working on Infinity

Hello there,
As you may have noticed, I’m having a GTA:SA issue. It is that I am not using the Steam version, rather I’m using the retail/V1 version, and if that can help, the crack made by IGG Games. When I select the folder where the game is, it shows an error.



Could anyone please help?

First IGG does not make any cracks
Second cracked versions are not officially supported by Infinity so no one can help you

Well then if I’d say just the retail/V1 version?
The crack isn’t really affecting a file to remove or make one.

You obviously don’t know how a crack works then. Cracks modify files which in turn can modify memory addresses.
And you already said it’s cracked. It’s not the retail version

It just replaced the ‘gta_sa’ file.

And YES it IS the retail/V1. Even if I wouldn’t crack it.

Select base game folder. If the game exe name is different than steam, it won’t work.

Thanks for that, what is the Steam .EXE file name?

If you’d know that, hehe.

I don’t know but the trainer author should. @STiNGERR

Thank you so much for your help!!

Some info here I learned from trying to mod gta:sa. Retail(disc) version is 1.0, then there is 2.0 that comes with a bunch of patches and finally there is 3.0 that is for steam and doesn’t include all the patches introduced in 2.0. Mods made for 1.0 are apparently not compatable with 3.0 and this might be true with trainers as well.

The trainer works fine for 3.0 so I assume Stingerr got the steam version of the game.

Buy the steam version.

Edit: steam exe name is gta-sa.exe

This is the information @sNaKe posted in the trainer thread

Thank you!

Yep, no mods are working.

You can try and find a steam crack which might work. Though I doubt anyone will make one

Yeah, I’ll try to find one.
Thank you so hard for the help!!! :smiley: