GTA V Banned in Australia (Target stores)

What do you guys think? People are making jokes saying that they should ban Tomb Raider for violence against men.

Edit: Just found a link to where people wants to put it back on the shelves

I posted a thread about this in GTA forums. This **** is so ******ed.

GG Australia lol

It got banned. Soz

So only Target wont sell it anymore correct? Can’t you just get it elsewhere there or online?

I think it’s stupid when stores/countries ban games, they should just place it on the parents that let their kids play them…

Damn, so now i can’t pick up a copy of gta 5, nor load my backpack with undeclared food on my next trip over there? damn it all to Hell! :cry:

Target and now K-Mart (both big shopping stores kind of like walmart i think) have taken it off the shelves, we can get it online or other places still.

And also, i know a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy who can hook you up with some high-grade gta 5, “but your not a cop, right?”

So it’s banned not because people in general can be slaughtered, but because a women can die in game it gets banned.

Did they not see what’s going on in the strip club in single player?

I mean if a dead body of a woman in a game causes a store to ban a game, please tell me what nude strippers cause haha.

This is literally one of the dumbest things I have ever heard…

Feminism is ridiculous…

Lmao! Table turns, and yet “us men” DGAF.

Yeah I disagree with this. It doesn’t impact me because I already bought my copy long ago…
But you can’t do this. If they ban GTA, they have to ban just about every other game they sell.
Just ridiculous really, and a shame that our society is heading this way >.<

It’s been pulled from the selves of large retailers. Not banned, eb games (gamestop), jb hi fi, Harvey Norman, etc. Still stock. And if the worst does come to it Dungeon Crawl have stated that they will still import it.

Also, retaliation from Aussie gamers: