Gta V Cheat Problem

Hey i have Gta V Cracked 3DM on my computer
I wanna to cheat in with Infinity! But when i start it
the game just turn off?
Help Please! :frowning:

We do not support cracked version of games.

Wait i need to buy game to cheat on it?

Officially yes. We can only support games purchased as there are too many different teams out there cracking games.

If i have Dying light cracked i cant play it xD ?

I have it and its work xD i didnt buy it

We donโ€™t officially support cracked games. If it works, it works. We donโ€™t go out of our way to provide support for cracked games, only official ones.

Hey I downloaded ASTRONEER from infinity setup where i can find it?

No you did not.

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In infinity, there should be a search box. Type astroneer in it