GTA V Cheats question

So essentially I launched GTA V with Infinity but went to go play some multiplayer. I come back the next day and see that I was banned from online for a month and was confused because I didnt use any of the cheats but I still got banned. So these cheats are not safe to use when launching gta 5 and going online?

Infinity isn’t for multiplayer cheating. There is nothing in Infinity that protects you from being banned if you go online.


Do not launch GTA V Online if you start the game in Infinity.

We will be adding a disclaimer / warning for others. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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so no online cheats? :frowning:


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the cheats don’t work for me

I was wondering why that exact thing happened to me… This helped me out

If you would have read this:

Or looked at the FAQ
Or checked the trainer thread.
Or just used some common sense.

It wouldn’t have happened.

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Totally agree. Even though common sense should br enough.

As the others say do not use Infinity in any kind of multiplayer modes. Respect to the admin for working on a disclaimer/warning :+1:t2:

Well, I guess I should have read the disclaimer. Banned 30 days from GTAV.