GTA V Crash Fixes (Until patch/hotfix.)

If you’re experiencing crashing issues, rendering issues, missing custom cars or other annoying glitches/crashes I have a few solutions here. They seem to work for people and a few friends. If you’re having any issues playing the game try these out, they could work for you.

These apply for all crashes/glitches, try them in this order.

  • Make sure you only have the mandatory disc 1 installed. Installing disc 2 can cause rendering issues. This is because the console has to read data off the HDD for disc 1. If disc 2 is installed this creates two processes of reading on the consoles HDD. Thus causing issues. Use your DVD drive to play.
  • Disable your autosave. This has helped people with cars randomly disappearing from your garage. This can be frustrating if you customized it or if it was expensive. This could be caused because like stated above the HDD could be under a lot of stress.
  • Try installing your game on a flash drive formatted for your console. Flash memory is faster than disc memory for sure. This could make reading the game drastically faster.
  • Have your save games stored to another device other than the device you have the install on.

I hoped this helped you guys. I’m getting the game soon, Amazon is taking forever. See you in Los Santos soon :smiley:



I have disc 1 “intall disc on my hard drive” and disc 2 “play disc on a USB stick” so should I put the save on another storage device or one of them

Protipp: Install both discs on 2 seperate FlashDrive´s.
I moved all HDD content to a USB FlashDrive using Horizon and I belive that the placebo effect is really good on this one :stuck_out_tongue: (or its really loading faster, iDunno)

Well you shouldn’t have disc 2 installed. Its optimized to be played from the disc according to Rockstar. But maybe on a flash drive it wouldn’t matter. I’d store your gamesaves to either one though. No need for another.

As I said, flash memory is faster than disc memory.

Okay, I only installed it on there because I seen a new feed on this saying it’s better on a flash drive but only by a bit

None of those worked for me :confused:

The error I’m getting the “ALERT The game was restarted due to a problem with the storage device where the game data was installed. Please replace the storage device and re-install the game data if the issues continue to occur.” whenever I start a mission or while doing a mission.

I’ve cleared cache, re installed disc with no luck
Turned autosave off… no luck
(This one is a bit wierd but apparently it worked for some) Deleted part 0 and 1 from install location and installed those two parts to a USB. no luck. I have the save on a different USB as well.

Question: Will the patch/fix be in a Title Update so I can get the fix without connecting to XBL (console banned) ?

You’d have to get the TU from somebody to update your game without connecting to XBL and update the .xex to actually get the update installed with an RGH/JTAG. With a flashed console just connect to XBL and get the update.

I done this and my car hasn’t disappeared. Because I put a adder in michael garage it disappeared all the time and now it doesn’t. So thanks Cody

Well oddly enough I have fixed my problem for the time being (Hopefully permanent)

So I was actually told this wouldn’t work for me (I was trying to skip burning a disc cause apparently Disc 1 is DRM free) but anyways what I did was plug in my HDD using a transfer cable (I’m assuming this will work for you if you’re using a USB that meets requirements) and extracted GTA V disc one using Xbox Backup Creator. After that I got all the files [details=looks like this][/details] and dragged them all into Horizon and when it was done plugged it in my xbox and started playing it like normal again. So happy i figured this out. Not sure if this is safe for non flashed xboxs but it works for me. PS: Autosave is OFF, gonna try it with it ON right now. I’ll report back shortly.

So I’m playing with the recommended Disc 1 installed and playing Disc 2 from the disc itself.

Autosave turned on IS working so the “ALERT The game was restarted due to a problem with the storage device where the game data was installed. Please replace the storage device and re-install the game data if the issues continue to occur” error is fixed for me :smiley:

About fix 1 i heard, Rockstar confirmed it, but i didnt heard about the rest of the fixes.

I didnt understood fix 3, What do you mean “installing your game” disc 1 or 2?
And what is disc memory? you meant to HDD or DVD drive?

And how did you reached to these fixes if you do not even have the game :expressionless:

When i boot up GTA V, it keep freezing at R* logo animation.

EDIT: sometimes at the “loading story mode”

Surprisingly I’m playing GTA V off a 32GB SD card. No issues at all.