GTA V GPD Download + Secret Achievements

Hello folks. Well, with a dummy account and a few modding programs I was able to create an official GTA V GPD. By adding this to a profile, it will show GTA V as a played game. You can also mod the achievements to get some gamescore in it.

Download Link 1: 545408A7.gpd
-For Online profiles, 0G. Recover your profile to change the language to english.
Download Link 2: 545408A7.rar
-For Offline profiles, in english and with achievement images already loaded. There are 2 gpds in the RAR, one with 0G and other with 1000G.

But remember: Adding games/achievements to an online profile is extremely dangerous. Your account can be perma suspended/reseted and you console can be banned (although a console ban for a profile mod is highly unlikely) and since we are talking about and unreleased AAA game, consider this something close to suicide if you do this in your primary profile. So, if you want to fool someone saying that you already have GTA V, do it in a dummy account or in an offline one.

Also, with this GPD I was able to see the secret achievements. If you were planning to add the gpd just to see them, I’ll save you some time:

Warning: Spoilers (nothing to worry about in my opinion)

Open Me

If you want to create your own unreleased game GPD, check my tutorial HERE

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Pretty cool. Can you do this with Saints Row 4?


Well, this technique is usually made to generate GPDs of games that weren’t released yet. Saints Row 4 was released today, so, as this technique takes some time and effort, it’s better to wait for an official gpd.

But don’t worry, it will be released in Horizon Game Adder tool in no time! :smile:

when you connect to live does it show up as gtav or 4

GTA V. I accidentally wrote GTA IV. Already fixed :wink:

Personal, I’m not interested in modding my GamerScore or getting suspended for having a game that isn’t released yet, but I do appreciate showing the “Secret Achievements” because when they weren’t viewable on I was disappointed. Lol


Couldn’t download it…the link says it is broken…anyone else faced this issue.?

Sure thing. My first account got banned for this reason. That’s why now I only use dummy accounts to see secret achievements.

Just tested, it’s working fine, but I’ll upload it in Mega just in case.

This will probably get you banned in no time so have fun getting banned just for putting something that shows you played the game.

It’s cool that you made this but in my opinion it’s not worth getting suspended/banned for.

Ah, another dreaded 100% completion achievement, how typical Rockstar. I hope someone makes a save for it lol.

Agreed. I’ve made this gpd just to see the secret achievements, but since I had a working GTA V gpd I decided to share it. It’s not worth at all to add it in your primary profile, but it’s a fun thing in a dummy one. :smiley:

It’s never hard to 100% their games. It’s just time consuming. I’m hoping to get 100% done before GTA Online comes out.

i would add this to one of my accounts but i dont want to risk a console ban since i have had one before for 2 gamerscore resets on one console

So how exactly do I add this to an account?

“Invalid STFS package!”

False. It was confirmed 3 years ago and well after that you do NOT get banned for playing games before release. Only playing pirated versions.

I can link you to the Xbox LIVE Enforcement Panel video that explains this at PAX.

Open your account in Horizon, go to the contents tab, and inject the .gpd.

This is actually pretty cool. I will sure do this. But AFTER the Game comes out. (I didn’t pre-order the game anyways) ;p

wow really good work man :smile: waiting to get gta v on my hands yeahh :smile:

Yeah, same. I used to go through a dozen of accounts back when Halo3 was popular and when I decided to actually keep an account it GamerScore reset and my console was perma-banned.

So, to this day, I won’t mod my GamerScore or talk trash in Game Chat because of stupid reputation system, but that is a different topic.

Thanks for not yelling at me for not modding on a site dedicated toward modding. :smile: