GTA V keeps freezing ):?

ok so I think I have everything in the right place but the game keeps freezing on me around after the car chase in the beggining. I have mt gta disk 2 in my games folder in xexmenu and I have the 545408A7 in my hdd1 content 00000000xwhatever so i dont see what im doing wrong???

Best way is to copy all the files in the “content” folder(disk 1) to the “Content” one on your Xbox 360. If that does not work then it’s a bad rip.

yea that might be why but ive seen people that say i need a 0007000 file in my content folder as well? or something like that.
like this video explains/ but i dont have a 00007000 folder i never got one with my jtag rip

The only thing I did was copy the disk 2 files into “HDD1://Games/GTA V/” and then “Disk 1/Content/” to “HDD1://Content/”. Nothing more is needed. If it just seems to difficult to where you cannot do it, then you could always just copy the rest of the disk 1 components and use the XEX to install for you.

Ah it didn’t work then. Which torrent did you use? Pm me a link