GTA V - Leaks and Stuff

Haven’t posted in a while so just posting some stuff some of you may have seen.

Gta V’s Radio listgtav radio -

Are those your Pictures?!
Btw, someone else leaked some PS3 Pictures about GTA V. He was apparently downloading the game. and Total Size was 18GB ! Can you believe that?!

I could post some leaks I got (audio files, songs, missions, whole story, etc) but you guys might hate me for it lul.

Second picture is fake.

This is from the trailer

how do you know its not the part from the trailer?

The picture of someone downloading it is because they are letting you download the game now but can’t play it until release


It IS that part from the trailer. If you notice; all these pictures have similarities in them:
(Look at the TV brand & the white cable that runs under the TV)

Now look at these two pictures: (the ‘leaked’ image)

And look at this trailer for Franklin:

It’s the same guy posting these fake photos on the web.

I believe Rockstar said the controls are similar to RDR so it would be LB for Xbox and L1…? I think for PS3 (Never played PS in my life).

The screenshots look great.
Don’t you guys think that that there was a much hype over this game before it got release but it didn’t quite actually lived up to its reputation.

Yeah dude. My GTA V copy looks EXACTLY like GTA IV for some reason.


Download audio radio mp3 or!zFojxBAS!AMhBoCT_FNVXPyvzchov1lskDf4WhzKoWqYFuE0njC4

The whole radio right there folks. [Little Spoilers] Can confirm, its legit.


The screenshot of supposed gameplay is fake. Dude has been making fakes all day and uploading them. No one has yet to crack the game.

by the way, the gameplay picture is fake… and im quite sure since he faked the gameplay also the disc is fake lol.

This video was getting taken down alot earlier, maybe it’s real idk.

all gtas look pretty much the same… its not a NEW game its just a sequel and it has alot of new and improved stuff.

its pretty much same as cods they look the same but they get something new (except gta v is 100000000000000000000 times better than any cod)

I’m 100% sure anyone could just replace the loading screen and change the mission name with GTA IV so I am not believing anything until I see proper game play.

Yeah, you can do that

There are three audio files you can listen to, that’s about the only thing that’s been leaked. Gameplay screenshots are obviously fake, and as for the photo of the disc, that’s actually real, but it’s not in someones home or anything the photo was taken during production of the of the disc the guy who took the photo (plus more) explained this, a couple of other forums have literally exploded over this news though! :smiley:

Just downloaded the 41hour long radio file :smile: