Gta V Modding

Hello everyone ! I am new to this so please help me out ! I have bought a mod menu ! I’ve transferred all files to my usb. The files aren’t showing up on the Xbox 360 but it does say that the usb has space used. I also need to know how to actually install the files onto my Xbox 360 ! Please help ASAP ! Thank you !

If you purchased a menu it is either for ISO mods or a console that can run unsigned code. As far as I know there are no menus that work on a retail console.

Do you know how to install it?

Do you have a console that can run unsigned code(RGH/JTAG/RJTAG/Dev Kit)?

This mod menu doesn’t require all of that

I’ll figure it out myself. This thread can be closed!

You can’t use a mod menu on GTAV without a JTAG/RGH/Dev kit like Chris stated, unless you have the PC version of the game.

Post a link to the menu you purchased.

iv saw menu treads on about single mod menus but i cannot quote ive never been interested to read them also my freind paid for god mode on bo1 be for but that was set to class no menu but without all the stealth softwares going online WILL get you banned otherwise u can have a look on there thou i got banned for 2 weeks joining a gta 5 modded lobby around a month or two ago on my main account all the horizon save mods to darksouls(partially online) and gta itself many more were overlooked

how do i downlaod a mod menu for gta v