Gta v online mods

So I got horizon an wondering how to mod gta online

You cannot mod GTA V online without a JTag/RGH

is there no other way ?

You can pay for someone to mod it for you (recovery), or just keep an eye out for a money drop lobby.

You can mod it without a Jtag RGH online.
I use when I feel the need.
It’s a Iso mod so you will need to either hot swap or have a flashed console.
Heres a paid unreleased iso mod menu.

how do i get mods with out jtagging my xbox 360

Cant mod online

how did you do it is what i want to know

Do you know if there will be one soon and who is hosting

on xbox 360 there is a gta modder group called young t if anyone wants paid mods contact young t krazi or yount t balla

can you tell me how i can hot swop and how to get this mod menu please

what is that

A console modified to run unsigned code.