GTA V Online (X1 & PS4) Money Exploit


Someone on Reddit said that doing this somehow wiped their money, not sure if this is true or not, but it may be.

With this you’re betting, if you lose the race (there’s more than one) than you lose what you bet’d.

I know how it works, I am just saying that’s what someone said, weather it’s true or not I don’t know.

Ohh I was realizing that after I sent that message. Once I reach 250k I’m going to be
trying this and I’ll comment if it took my money or if it actually worked.

Here’s a hint. You can only do this a few times a day. But if you create a new character you can keep doing it.

How do you know you can only do it only once a day? Does that mean if you do it more than once that it’ll take away your money?

Didn’t say once a day. There’s a daily limit on challenges like this. I also didn’t say your money gets taken away. Stop being so gullible to rumours.