GTA V Returning Players To Get Exclusive Content

Just got an email with this link

Looks like exclusive weapons, vehicles and challenges for returning players to next gen.

yay like i wanna buy another game i already own :cry:

I wonder if achievements will go through like Destiny since it has account transfer.

Most likely, there will probably be a load of new achievements.

Psh, after reading the article and seeing the photos I’d repurchase the game!

#Still Don’t Own A X1

I got this game on 360, but the updated stuff such as the graphics is the reason Im buying. I’m on my Xbone most of the time anyway.

ya what i hate just for new content have to pay the price sometimes but i’m still gonna wait before i upgrade to new gen still dunno what i wanna get first X1 or PS4…

Just look at the game titles for each console. If the other console has the most games that interests you, go for that one. I only bought an Xbox just to play Halo: Reach. Been playing Xbox ever since.

The reason I am buying the next gen gta is simply because I don’t wanna switch to that ****ty 360 controller with that laggy d-pad.

I cant wait to get a look at those pc mods when they start coming out :thumbsup: Definetly thinkin about getting it

I’m not dropping +$460 on a new console and game for slightly better graphics and a few more guns. R* can lick me where I pee

You don’t just buy a new console for one game though.

They’re trying to get people to upgrade to next gen by offering a few more features.

You’re right though. Until next gen has a long list of worthwhile games, I don’t see myself getting one anytime soon.
MCC is the only thing I would want, and that’s not enough to keep me satisfied with the price tag.

This holiday season the Xbox one is getting another price cut, and it’s lasting till January 3rd. I’m pretty sure the price cut lowers it to $350, this includes all bundles as well.

Here’s a video about it:

It’s a real shame that people who don’t have the money for an Xbox One or PS4 won’t be getting this sweet content. Oh, well. GG R* I’m glad my support of the GTA series is being “appreciated”, I use that word loosely. Anybody agree?

I agree in someway. It would be okay if they offered a discounted upgrade price instead of having to pay the full.

No thanks… I just bought my 12th 360 late last year. I’m just going to build a gaming rig and play my 360 on the side.

12th 360? And you were complaining about putting $350 on a next gen console.

$350?! Wow wish it was like that over here! That is £217, XOnes over here are £350 which is $564.

Rarely played in on the Xbox 360, not sure if I want to buy it for the Xbox One but definitely will be getting it for the PC because I’ve that’s the platform I’ve been waiting for it to release on (even if I won’t play it much).