GTA V Snapmatic Photos

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Only got a few the Social Club servers are going pretty slow

I’ve been trying to save pictures for about a week now and keep getting the same error, “the socialclub servers are not up at this time” or something.

Took some shots in the Luxor.

Michael’s rides:

Franklin selfie with XF

the first picture you took, i took literally the same one but i keep getting server errors

Anybody want to take a guess how this went?

You both climbed in the take and laughed about the situation over tea and cupcakes, exchanged numbers, and became best friends. Now every Tuesday and Thursday you go out to eat and finish the night by going to a strip club.

Am I close?

Meh, close enough.

How do you take selfies?

Click right thumb stick I believe

Nothing too special

Open Me

Zombie on a cellphone.

Impotent Rage

Franklin’s car

Haven’t really taken any photos.

Here’s Franklins house with a 1500 RAM style truck, a F620 Ocelot, the Bugatti and his Charger.

Then I got this dune buggy for collecting all the spaceship parts. You should hear it’s horn.

Can someone tell me where to get the gang jackets and snapbacks? What are the clothe shop called

Chop’s gold collar.

I wish I could take selfies offline. -.-

Trevor starting a Mariachi band.

Niko easter egg:

All these pictures look soooo nice! and funny. =]

Franks home and pimped out Buffalo.

I just love looking at this part of the town.

The sign looks amazing at night.

Took more snaps out of bordom. The bottom one caught me off guard when I was playing as Trevor.

A jet I stole from the military base :3

One of Trevor’s super cars, the cheetah