GTA V Upcoming DLC!

So there’s a ton of new things being added to GTA V Online:
1. Ability to purchase a hangar
2. Ability to buy actual mansions/houses
3. More customizations such as (Vehicle headlight colors, suicide doors, tank colors/weapons/smoke, personal plane colors/weapons/smoke, more masks, new weapons
4. Ability to put multiple bounties on people
5. Online heists: banks, airports, cargo, etc.
6. Crew Only TDM
7. New Cars
8. Car weapon capabilities
9. More weapon skins
10. Expansion of more playlists (Domination, Cops n Robbers, nd more)
11. Ability to control more things in your apartment, garage, house. (Ability to order food, kill people inside your house, kick people out, nd more)
12. New weapons include the Heat Seeker Rocket
13. More of the apartment accessible
14. Ability to build/buy things for your house/mansion/etc (Pool, Wine Cabinet, Front Door, Furniture, nd more)

Is there a valid source for this information?

well this has been mentioned on various websites so I took all the info I could and put it here. I’d say 90% of whats here will be in the new DLC

Whist you could easily say that, have you got a source which relates to rockstar saying this?

Unfortunately I dont But im confident with my post

Mostly from third party resources but I am 90% sure this is official so Im excited!!

I hope this information is right, this would be amazing.

Seems like the most generalised information you could probably give about DLC. Anyone could guess it could be some of these things. Unless you have specifics or valid sources this info is pointless.

Yes sir 90% sure it is

This seems to be more of a wish list than actual upcoming DLC. For example, Ability to purchase a hangar seems odd seeing as you can get your plane/helicopter from just calling pegasus, who drop it off at the nearest location. A hangar would be pointless.

I know for sure there will be more weapons added. When you hover over the blank weapon slots in the Ammunation it will say something about xbox game store.

Damn we REALLY need a source for this.
Cause if this is true. It’s going to be AMAZING!
Then again its going to be a huge wave of butthurt over the prices once R* patches all the money exploits.

Oh jesus please don’t let this mean that we have to pay for the weapons we want. ._.

I was discussing the possibility of homes with a friend the other night. It would be a great addition.

5000+ sq. ft. homes:
-Multi-car garage (10+)
-Basketball court
-Unique designs
-Game rooms
-Crescent driveways

All the t*******s (< this word is “t r immi n g s” - seriously XMB v2??) that are included in some houses/mansions seen on the street of Vinewood and other places. All to the tune of $1M-$20M, dependent on amenities. I would gladly support that addition.

Can you put links to sites you have seen it on, for proof I wanna see it for myself?

LOL what? We can say “T*******s” without getting censored?
Why do they censor that word? Because it has rim in it?
Like rim job? o.o

No source and 90% sure it’s truth. 10% is his logical side.

Let’s say you’re in a 16 player game. Who would own the hangar that you bought?

This thread is full of misdirections and no proof from Rockstar.

Seems legit.

The same way apartments work now.

I haven’t read about ANY of this except the heists.

Honestly I could care less about online DLC, what I would like is more DLC that adds to the story.

Most of these are just obvious, and a lot of them are just purely speculation, official confirmed DLC is on R*'s official site

Didn’t they already say what the 4 DLC packs were going to be?

Not saying OP isn’t talking out of his a**, but your logic is flawed.

There’s no reason why hangers wouldn’t act in the same way as garages. If you’re going to attack someone’s info, do it right. Thanks.