Gta v xbox 360 ! :)

Hello friends. By mistake I deleted all my save games :anguished: Can anyone give me gta 5 save game for xbox 360 which is less than 30% complete. I don’t want to restart the game.

i have 100% save how did i give it to you? text back at and i can help you :smile: if you text back here its going to take a while before i going to see it, never use the forum so much :stuck_out_tongue:

Anouri asked for a save with less than 30% done. not a 100% complete save.

I would normally say go to but it’s down at the moment.

Ohh sorry, im tired i saw, can someone give me a save with 30% or more :smile: my bad

I did the same mistake once :laughing:

Here’s my complete save set…put’s you at any section of the game that you want to be at. Any save from 7 and below puts you before 30%. Just make sure you read the ReadMe and see if any of the saves before the one you used have an achievement you didn’t unlock yet.