[GTAV] is there a mod to

Hi I was wondering if there was a way to “Grab” my GTA online player model and replace franklin with him so i can play as my MP character in SP?

I ask because if im just screwing around I would like to be able to run around as me

Is it possible to change models? Yes.

Is infinity meant for it? No.

If infinity and multiplayer are in the same paragraph consider it no, because infinity is intended for single player usage only.

Infinity doesn’t change player models anyway.

No way to grab it as far as I know, of course there’s plenty mods to change your character to NPC’s or custom skins, I’d suggest going that route.

Also, maybe what you’re looking for is going into director mode, I believe you can play as your character in there. Not the same as actual singleplayer, but better than nothing right now.

It’s 100% possible, just NOT with infinity.

He wasn’t asking about if Infinity could do it though, just in general.

Like I said, I’ve never seen it. If it’s possible, I’m sure OP would appreciate a link greatly, as would I.

yea i know infinity cant it was a general question and if people know of a way i would love a link

I’m not changing my model, but I’ve seen someone as a boat before. If you want I can try to get you a more exact answer, but it’s a fairly safe assumption they’re using Alexanders Blades scripthook, etc.


Edit: infact, it’s probably just this script function: void SET_PLAYER_MODEL(Player player, Hash model)

Think you’ve misconstrued what OP and myself are talking about. We know you can change player models to NPC’s, animals, etc… You are correct that most of these are done byusing script hook.

OP is asking whether your online character which you model yourself, can be played on singleplayer.

I see. OK I read it wrong as I wasn’t at my computer.

Yeah I don’t think that’s possible.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Exactly I am just wondering if through the power of modding it is possible to some how import that model and replace the franklin model with it

thats ok it happens