[Guide] How to make Xbox achievements work while using WeMod

So I have recently got into PC gaming and I decided a good place to start would be some game pass games or play anywhere titles so I can get comfortable with PC gaming. Once I started to play I realized that I wasn’t unlocking achievements for the games. These Xbox/play anywhere titles did have them, they just weren’t unlocking/syncing. I did some digging and looking around and finally found the solution. After I did this they started to work instantly. The problem is 2 services in windows that get disabled from other programs.

Step 1- Right click the windows icon in the task bar and click “Computer Management”
Step 2- Once it’s open double click “Services and Application” on the left hand side
Step 3- Double click “services”
Step 4- Scroll down to “C’s” and look for “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry”
Step 5- Right click “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” click on “Properties”
Step 6- Look half way down and and where it says “Startup type” make sure it is set to “Automatic”
Step 7- Click “Apply” and then “OK”

After you do that scroll down to the bottom (X’s) and look for “Xbox Live Game Save” then repeat steps 5-7
I hope this helps some people out!


Hey I meant to reply to your other thread, nice work on figuring that out! Not sure it directly deals with WeMod but is welcome none the less!

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I done that and nothing happened. Maybe I need to wait? The game isn’t counting the hours played. Should I start the game over? (Dragon Quest XI Def.)

Also, the Xbox Live Game Save always change back to Manual when you reboot your PC…

Didn’t work here…