Guide to finding/creating oG's

Since the rumor that Microsoft has been deleting original v1 gamertags from when Xbox LIVE was originally created… That gives us the chance to create epic new gamertags, no?
Lol. Even though everyone knows this already just thought I’d throw it out there once more.

But first, We must know what an “oG” is. Well young child, an “oG” stands for Original Gamertag. This means ONE word gamertags. Not just three random characters. WORDS.

There are many ways in which to find and create an original gamertag. My method is to use a random word generator; However the one that I use allows me to pick between a Noun, Adjective, etc…
As well as frequency of words. Some of which may be common, some-what common, to completely obscure.

Method 1 - Using random words.

Step 1) Patience - If you are not patient, you will NEVER find a decent original gamertag. This is crucial.

Step 2) Determination - Don’t give up. There are millions of words to choose from. Some of which are very obscure and/or rare.

Step 3) Use a random word generator - These are VERY useful to create or find an original V1 gamertag. There are a vast majority word types to choose from; Random Word Generator (Plus)

Method 2 - Thesaurus.

Step 1) Use your resources - I mean really? This is pretty obvious. Pick a simple word and use a thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms for the word, you may get lucky and run into an obscure form of a word that sounds boss.

Method 3 - Brains

Step 1) Wits - Think of words that you may think are rare. If you are uncertain, simply look them up. Keep trying to go for the simple ones as Microsoft hasn’t deleted ALL of the v1 GTs yet.

Do not reply if your just going to flame. This guide will be updated shortly. I’d stick to the random word generator.If you did not find this guide helpful there is no need to reply saying crap simply to bust up your post count. Yes trolls; this is for you. >.>.
Constructive criticism is GREATLY appreciated to improve my first guide ever.

Generator: Random Word Generator (Plus)

  • The generator is a LITTLE buggy. Do not refresh page to avoid bugs.

Elliot’s Thread for Tool:

  • A little glitchy tho. D:


hopefully this works as i am so mad cuz i dont have one og and thats all i want