Guitar Hero 3 Save Editor

Is there a Guitar Hero 3 Save Editor… I’ve looked everywhere, including a few Forums and Youtube. Can’t find one… Does anybody on here have one?


no because of crc checks on the xex, but send me your save if you want to 5 star/beat a song and i’ll do it for you

Who plays GH3 anymore LOL

Loads of people. O.o

Jeez where are you like 5 more Guitar Hero’s have came out since then

Guitar Hero 3 is the best one…

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and one of the 2 you can iso mod with custom songs, bot and other stuff


How about the bot for Guitar Hero 3, I’m watching a video of LuPo… Where can I get that?

ISO mod I’m sure.

Thats GH II though :stuck_out_tongue:

@rizla - There was a recent topic about a week back concerning the bot - it’s an iso mod.

Link to iTzLuPo’s video tut w/ DL link in the description :wink: -

Could someone post a gamesave of a brand new GH3 band with lots of money and preferably no songs done?

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