Guy Eats Another Man's face in Miami

I know everybody has heard this story.
If not, here is a link Miami Police Shoot and Kill Naked Man ‘Eating’ Face of Another Man | Video |
This is a serious discussion.
Please nothing about God damn CoD:Zombies.
What are your thoughts about this whole situation?
Intuitive Discussion.
Also I didn’t see a related thread anywhere.

****ing zombie’s bro.


yep this screams zombies! time to stock up…the dude growled at the cop…really? and took multiple shots to take down

I’m 99.99% sure PCP was involved.

EDIT: Nevermind, I didn’t see the thing about the “cocaine psychosis” at the bottom.

People are saying the Guy was a cannibal or on drugs.
It’s obvious that neither of those are why this human did this.
I mean come on. He growled at the cops and got shot while eating a f*cling face.

The picture of this is absolutely disgusting…

Cannibalism. **** happens, and its ****ed up unless it means survival.

Here’s quite a interesting story about a Uruguayan rugby team that crashes in the Andes, and lived up on the mounter for 72 days with just the snow, and flesh off of the bodies of the dead. Now this cannibalism is understandable. Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I originally thought it was PCP too, cocaine psychosis sounds bull****.
Its either PCP or something else, cocaine does not make you go and eat someones ****ing face off.

Exactly what I was thinking, this story sounds a lot like other PCP related incidents. For example, Big Lurch took some PCP, and he ended up naked, eating a woman’s insides. Here’s a news report on it:


I saw this on TTG, and the guy wrote “Zombies are real”.

Thank you Gurvir for changing my whole opinion over this.
I first thought they were experimenting with this new fungus they found in the rainforest in Fort Walton.
Long Story/Story for another time.

Lmfao, please tell me wtf you’re talking about.

thats f***** up and i think he was on some type of drugs or he could have rabis or just crazy. but i thought at first it was an f****** zombie

Living in Miami myself this was a huge WTF moment for me lol. The case is very weird, I mean both guys were butt naked under a very busy highway, This guy had to be on drugs and or severely mentally ill.

Keep in mind he was shot a half a dozen times before being taken down, PCP or zombies? Your call

Not gonna lie,zombies would be a cool way for the apocalypse to happen.Or at least it does in the movies and video games :stuck_out_tongue: .

The fungus is called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis.
They have only been testing the fungus on ants right now and they say the activity is spot on to zombies.
Read into it you dick.

Alright, geez, you don’t have to be such a meanie.