Guys, how much sh*t am I in?

EDIT: Scratch that. I’ve got it all taken care of now thanks to all the help. So just ignore this topic from now on. Seriously though thanks to everyone that replied. I honestly just expected to get made fun of for being dumb. Which is what would have happened if I had posted this on any of my regularly frequented gaming sites.

I accidentally unlocked an achievement out of order via a saved game I downloaded (I just wanted to see the item unlocks in game that I never got) but now I have to unlock all of the rest to even it out (which I can do). I was offline when I did this and the game it was for came out in 06 and was never popular to begin with so it has no real community. So will that play a factor in how the achievements are recorded?

So what are the odds of my GT being banned by MS? Yes I know I’m an idiot and I screwed up because I’m really new to this whole thing…

Your GT wouldn’t be banned, most likely all your unlocked achievements would become reset and you could never unlock them again, but the next time though…

For that single game or all of the games I’ve played? Also the ethernet cord wasn’t even plugged in when I did this. Would that effect the order that these achievements appear when I next sign in?

If you haven’t connected to xbox live after unlocking it you can use Velocity to unlock any achievements needed to get the one you unlocked. If you do this, be sure to make the achievements look like you unlocked them offline, then you can connect to Xbox Live :smile:

Thanks but I already have saves that will let me unlock the remaining ones. But even if I did that won’t they show up in the wrong order when I reconnect and thus give away the fact that I modded?

Microsoft/Xbox is aware that people share gamesaves thus making it that people may unlock achievements before others in the story or campaign.

That’s good to know but this achievement is literally impossible to get without getting the others first. It’s basically an achievement for getting all of the other achievements…

If you haven’t connected to Xbox Live after unlocking the achievement, you can open your profile in Horizon or Velocity to make the achievement locked (back to how it was before you got the save) or you could unlock all the other achievements which I doubt you would do depending on the amount of achievements the game has and how long you have been disconnected from Xbox Live. Also, may I ask how you unlocked an achievement for unlocking every other achievement from a save game and not for getting every other achievement?

If you only modded one achievement you have no worries, the chances of getting banned are really low, but there is still a chance of getting banned.

How do I do that exactly? I’m not trying to be lazy it’s just that I’m very new to this and pretty flustered right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It was an achievement for unlocking every item in the store for every character (for 100%ing every character) in the game. I downloaded a save that had every item already bought except like one. Me being and idiot and not thinking bought the last item and the achievement popped. But the prerequisite ones for each character didn’t even though technically on that save every item for every character was already bought. I’m not sure how whoever modded the save managed to do this.

I don’t know if you are understanding what we are saying, but your chances of being banned are low, my friend mods around 10-15 achievements everyday so don’t fret over one achievement.

I heard. It’s just that I’m the kind of person that really likes to cover his bases. I’ve gotten almost 50,000 gamerscore legitly and I don’t want to chance all of that effort you know? I also have really bad luck so if someone were to get caught it would be me. lol

Well don’t fret man, there is a low chance of being banned.

You’re fine bro, I’ve unlocked 100’s out of order lol my entire gta 4 achievements are out of order. I honestly have never been banned, warned, reset or any other punishment that MS can conjour up.

I would say you’re safe, just don’t go modding your gamerscore to 100k or something drastic and you’ll be right.

Thanks everyone. I’ve just reset the modded achievements and rehashed and resigned via Velocity but I’m not exactly sure what I need to do with the edited file now.

Glad you got it worked out.