Gyazo images not loading..?

ironic i used gyazo to take a screenshot, but no gyazo pictures load. they present me with this weird image that looks like an emoticon.

what do?

I have the exact same problem :anguished:

They want their money.

they have a bandwidth limit for all non pro users so either resort to making your own which can be found on this site or use gyazo to take the picture save it then re up it to tinypic or something simalar thats what i do

My sig did that just re save the make lol i thought staff did mine cause it was cody staff list in my sig

OHHHHHH That’s why I can see all the pictures haha
Yes, I actually paid for that. I don’t remember why but I had a reason I am sure.

If you visit the direct link of those images it comes up with this

Error: To avoid server congestion, the bandwidth is limited for embedding images.
Try using this, it’s gyazo that uploads to our servers, it works and is also quite a lot faster. :smile:

I’ve been noticing this as well. If you right click the little face and hit “open image in new tab” you can see the picture.

now u missed the .png lol

Screensnapr is another good one.

Using this now. Works great! :smiley:

Or you can just copy the image location…

Try this topic, it includes a better program named SpeedCap:

Why do people use this gayzo thing ?

Just use SpeedCap. Download it here: SpeedCap - Instant Screen Capturing

I started using this SpeedCap - Instant Screen Capturing

If your still a fan of Gyazo, just use Kinks:
no bandwith limits or anything, just Gyazo.