Had a life changing surgery today

I’m now officially a zipper head. I have a condition called chiari malformation and this should help relieve most of the pains within my head. But check out this narly scar I got going.

Damn that looks nuts. Hope it gets rid of your headaches man.

I praying it gets rid of them all or the majority so I can start lifting. Being 5’3/5’4 and 120lbs isn’t much and I could just some weight to throw around.

That’s what they want you to believe. I have seen this before and it isn’t good. This is for sure the looks of an operation to replace your brain with a remote-controlled one. Most likely done by the Reptilians. Same people who are putting flouride in your water.
Jet fuel can’t melt stale memes

I can confirm this I am responding using someone else because of there remote control brain.

Gnarly dude! Does it hurt? What happens if like you are laying on your back, and the zipper on your pillow case like gets wrapped around your stitches and when you stand up if rips them all out…

wtf who has zippers on their pillow cases lmao

this aint 1999 no mo

gradually looking down

“that doesnt look so bad oh wait oh my god stop pls”


Damn that’s one hell of a scar. If I ever got a headache my mum would tell me I’m playing too much xbox. Your headaches must have been severe.

Man, the last time I saw a stitching that large and gnarly looking was when my friend got into a car accident! But hey, I hope you’re doing well and everything was a success! Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

I looked up some medical stuff when I saw this, I can imagine you were a frequent migraine sufferer >.> been there not good. Hopefully your surgery works out and things get better for you!

Common with migraines but not me. It has to do with excretion of pressure back there. Like any physical exercise can really **** with my head in a a bad way and if this surgery went well then it’ll be all gone or mostly gone!

If in the event the pain is mostly gone, would a follow-up surgery be required/recommended to alleviate it completely?

Gnarly scar though, I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.

Wishing you all the best and I hope for your sake the headaches start to disappear…
So when they had you all opened up did you upgrade to Next Gen???

It’s going to depend. I have to heal first to see if the symptoms are back. If they are, I believe they can go back in a remove more but I’m already missing half of my C1 vertebra and lower skull that covers my lower cerebellum.

That looks painful as hell. Hope things work out for you in the long run!