Hadzz gt editor (cla tag, colors, symbols, and more)

this is completely ripped
Hadzz GT Editor V2.4!

Hadzz GT Editor is a program that allows the user to modify
their Gamertag in Call of Duty series games.

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New Features:

* VIP Features: Avatar color editor, add over 750 games with the game adder, and edit the message of the day that scrolls on the bottom of the screen on MW2!
* Bug fixes: Preference transfer should work for all people now.
* Chat Room: A place to help each other or discuss new modding ideas!
* Player Viewer: Convenient player view with avatar, gamer pic and gamercard.
* Gamer Pic Selector: Choose which gamer pic you would like to use on modded profiles from an online list, even upload your own.
* GT Shadowing: An easy gamertag shadowing or 3D gamertag tool that lets you type in a word and choose fore and back color.
* Add hex: 0A and 0D links to insert into your gamertag like other programs, but you can still edit the hex right under the gamertag box.

Original Features:

* Device Explorer: Open your profile directly through your USB device and then save modded accounts directly with a click of a button
* Auto Resigner: Automatically rehashes/resigns modded profiles that you create
* Achievement Editor: Unlock whatever achievements you want and put your profile back on with one button
* 16 Buttons and 8 Colors
* Default Profile: Set the default profile and you can make Hadzz automatically load your profile on start-up
* Infinite Profiles: Every time you create a profile, it automatically creates a random profile id so no need to worry about already having that profile
* Themes: A list of 4 themes to choose from


Good stuff …nice info and sources , great work and thread

ty and yes this is the best gamertag editor, so easy

who made it whats his aim???


i dont kno his aim, but his username is hadzz, i deleted his aim

If ur a diamond member here there is a cracked 1 in the diamond forums

I never used this, sounds good, I’m going to give it a try.

Nice tool, as stated above there is a cracked version for Diamond members here. VIP FO FREE.

o… where ya copy and paste this from? and btw hadzz gt editore is old.

gamertag “modders” are queerosexuals

does with work with black ops

mediafire says its been removed! UPDATE URL?

This thread is old as hell. Please check the date of last post before bumping a thread.