Halo 3 Xbox 360 (Banned)

I received a lifetime ban from playing Halo 3 Online ages ago - Was in a lobby with people DDoSing . Tried to look thru the forums for an answer but didn’t seem to find one.

My question being: Since I was banned a while ago, will using Horizon to unlock online achievements (obviously with a time stamp), cause my account to be lets say; “More flaggable then others?” if that makes sense. I am not looking to stamp the times any earlier than this post as I cannot remember the exact date I was banned & I don’t want those achievements popping up on my feed (today) saying I unlocked it 5 years ago lol.

You should be able to unlock them, and I don’t think the game ban affects the risk of being flagged. I’m not 100% sure though!

Thanks for the reply. You know the saying, “Better safe than sorry.” :wink: lol