Halo 4 boosting

dose anyone wana boost with me must have 3 controllers just leave you gt below an ill add you

I may do it. How do we boost?

whats your gt ill party inv you. do you have 3 controllers?

Horney9389. Yeah I do

how do u do xp boosting?

yeah i would like to know this as well

Pass on the info!!!

Iv’e been thinking about ways to XP boost, but none were efficient enough.

We got three controllers. One main account two guests. Then started up the free for all. Then killed the guests.

get 2 people bolth sign in two guests then search in ffa an kill its pretty simple i was getting about 4k a game i think with no double xp

Are you still doing this? If so I’ll like to get an invite. My GT is PHARA0H

Guys I just got a notice saying I have been banned from earning xp

If those guests aren’t getting kills enjoy your ban.

Yes. Everyone that has ever played halo must know that each guest has to get a minimum of 1 kill.

Edit: Didyou get banned from earning XP or resetted?

i did too it said temporary banned frm xp me an horney did like 5-6 matches so i guess id advise dont even try to boost legit is the way to go

You can boost. You guys just did it incorectly. All guest have to get atleast 1 kill. Also how long is the ban?

its temporary idk time period it didn’t specify (you live an you learn)

hhg fighter

I have 2 controllers if anyone wants to boost that has 4. GT is Black Adam DCU

You’d think you would have learned that in Halo: Reach

Boosting in any Halo game is asking for a ban, especially now that 343 runs the show. Believe it or not, Bungie was lenient when handing out bans and let a few slip by. Dunno why you guys would think boosting is a smart idea =P