Halo 4 Disk 2 Help

Flashed my xbox last night and was able to burn both disks to DL’s, but disk 2 to keeps saying it is dirty or scratched…Did some trial and error to see if it was the disk speed and it didnt change anything. Did I do something wrong? Is there a way to copy the files to the xbox… or is that just Jtag?

Did you Download it from the pirate bay?


What did you flash the discs with? (What disc drive)

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Do you have an Ihas to burn the disc? If not then you it is a crapshoot

Drive says ATAPI iHAS124 A Bl0P (ATA)

EDIT: Disk 1 works just fine…btw

Then you probably just have a bad burn or bad copy of the disc.

Just try to burn it again on a better disc

Okay, thx. While I got you Chris is there a prefferred speed to write at? I see people using 2x, 2.4x, and 4x?

Well if it’s not actually dirty or scratched… (reading issue)

And Disc 1 worked fine… (Not a flashing issue)

Then the disc either received a bad burn, in which case you can re-burn. (Couldn’t tell if that’s what you meant by “Did some trial and error to see if it was the disk speed”)

And if that doesn’t work then the files themselves are corrupted. Either during the download or the actual files themselves.

You can either:

1- Re-download the same file and burn again.
2- Find a new disc 2 on a site such as xbox360iso and download those files and burn.

Xbox360iso will be weird at first and may have an EXTREMELY slow download speed.
Especially if you’ve never used it before and aren’t familiar with it.

Goodluck :smiley:

Are you useing imagine burn?


Ok just do what that guy said to do

The lowest possible burn speed will get you the best result. But depending on the drive it could have a minimum burn speed, in which image burn will auto correct it to. Like if you select 2x it might change it to 4x. Which is fine really.

I installed a truncated version of Halo 4 (Both Discs) and its working perfectly, no glitchs or anything yet.

(I do recommend an iHas burner though)

Follow this tutorial on how to burn XGD3 games (Halo 4!) properly (Select the option that best suits you):

^ I followed option 2 and other than having to use the MP3 trick (Not a big hassle) to start the game up it works perfectly.

edit: I used 2.4x.

I’d stick with 2.4x. I’ve never tried anything higher, so I wouldn’t really know if it’s less reliable to burn at a higher speed.

This is actually going to be completely dependent on your hardware / media combination.Similar settings can produce completely contrasting results on different machines. It usually takes a bit of trial and error to find the best settings for your particular setup. If you’re going to burn another copy, go for broke and do it in safe mode at 2.4x (4x will actually produce better results with certain media) with FHT, OHT, OverSpeed, and SmartBurn all enabled.

And since this is XGD3, did you verify the disc with KProbe?

Did you flash the i has firmware? BL0P is not the current versdion for an ihas 124.

EDIT: Your ihas is a revison A, thats the wrong kind of drive sir, you need an ihas “B” drive.

Regardless if you are using the recommended drive/firmware you can still get good working burns by truncating. Sure you miss all that “important” security stuff but I’ve never had a problem with it.

And with Halo 4 at least right now you’ll play offline anyways.

So to OP, are you truncating it?