HALO 4 Experience Cap!

Anyone else been capped? I had no idea one was in place until just a few minutes ago. This is really frustrating. I do not use Double Experience and Im stuck at 36. -_- WHY!!!

Have hit it 4 days in a row.

The limit a day is 150k.

I’m at a 42 right now. 684 XP from my 43.

Sigh… this is rather annoying. So if I just got the cap maby an hour ago when can I begin gaining Exp?

I usually go by when the daily challenges reset.

So maybe an hour or so.

Oh alright bud Thanks a lot. Want to play some? My GT is the same as my name

Anytime, man, and maybe in a bit. I’m trying to go through and get all the Terminals.

Same lets do some campaign

Im on Mission 6 on Legendary and need to complete Spartan Ops.

Who cares lol i hear they’re resetting EVERYTHING soon anyways.

The XP cap of 150K resets at midnight EST time.

Why would they reset anything?

Just change you xbox zone to one that is a day ahead or like 8 hours ahead